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Japan-China Technical Exchange Center

The HRsD Asia Foundation

We are the Foundation for Asian Human Resources Development (HRsD Asia). Following key phrases represent our works for a better living and a better world; connecting with you, supporting you, developing your skill and respecting our partnership with you.

HRsD Asia has been striving to improve the livelihood and welfare of workers through human resource development, and to realize a world where everyone can live happily and safely.

HRsD Asia has been working with Asian people for many years through human resource development projects in which we take advantage of the Technical Intern Training System and the Specified Skilled Worker System. Other fields of our works are the training for Japanese language teachers in abroad and serve for promoting international exchange and mutual understanding.

HRsD Asia believes that there will be a certain relationship with the people and organizations when we carry out any works together. We want it to be a partnership-based relationship and to be of great benefit of all stakeholders concerned. This is because we believe that good human resources can be developed only when we work together as partners.

Hoping that you will be interested in our organization and activities, we wish you to work together for the better world and better tomorrow.

Technical Intern Training System

Utilizing the Technical Intern Training System for human resource development, HRsD Asia
bridges between your companies and talented young Asian resources.

The Technical Intern Training System is an international institution in which young people from foreign countries can acquire skills and knowledges through the On-the-Job Training (OJT) at a receiving company in Japan. After returning to their mother countries, they are expected to contribute to the economic development of the country and realize their own dreams.

They will be trained for up to five years at a good-standing company where labor-related laws and regulations such as the Labor Standards Act, the Industrial Safety and Health Act, the Minimum Wage Act, the Health Insurance Act, and the welfare pension insurance laws are applied.

HRsD Asia has accepted more than 19,000 talented trainees from Asian countries including China and Vietnam.  Upon the enforcement of the new law in November 2017, HRsD Asia was certified as an excellent supervising organization under the Technical Intern Training System. As the result of this, HRsD Asia could increase the number of trainees, expand activities to every filed of occupations, and provide benefits to the receiving companies.

HRsD Asia regularly visits and supervises receiving companies to ensure that practical training is conducted appropriately through face-to-face interviews with trainees. HRsD Asia is also responsible for supervising trainees during their stay in Japan until their return to mother countries. In addition, a standing consultation desk is set up for information and advices to trainees. The desk helps trainees even in cases of emergencies.

Under the partnership with receiving companies and sending organizations, HRsD Asia will make further efforts to bridge between you and talented young Asian human resources.

Specified Skilled Worker

Foreigners with a certain level of expertise and skills can be accepted as a Specified Skilled Worker.

As one of the statuses of residence, the Specified Skilled Worker was introduced by the revision of the Immigration Control Act, and the acceptance of Specified Skilled Foreigners began in April 2019.

It is a system that accepts foreigners who will be ready to work with a certain level of expertise and skills to secure human resources in 14 fields: nursing care, building cleaning, material industry, industrial machinery manufacturing, electrical and electronic information-related industries, construction, shipbuilding and marine industry, automobile maintenance, aviation, accommodation, agriculture, fishery, food and beverage manufacturing, and restaurant industry.

There are two ways of acceptance: a foreigner who has passed the qualification test in Japan or in abroad, or a foreigner who has completed Technical Intern Training (ii). There is no limit to the number of people accepted.

The employment period of Specified Skilled Worker(i) is limited to 5 years with a one-year renewal. The Specified Skilled Workers(ii) is 5 years in the construction and shipbuilding /marine industries only.  Following the completion of technical intern training, this system can be utilized.   However, the operation of the system varies from field to field, it is necessary to consult individually.

HRsD Asia has been certified as a qualified organization to support Specific Skilled Workers.

Educational activities

HRsD Asia connects people to people through educational activities.

Since its establishment in 1989, HRsD Asia has sent Japanese language teachers with voluntary spirits to universities and other educational institutes at the request of China. The total number of teachers sent to China is about 1,800, and its achievements are highly evaluated in terms of the quality of education and the contribution to mutual understandings between Japanese and Chinese people.

We are scheduled to organize an intensive training course to improve knowledges and skills of Chinese Japanese language teachers in consultation with the International Human Resources Exchange Association of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, which belongs to the State Council of the Chinese government. In addition to the face-to-face training course, on- line system may be newly introduced.

In 2019, we have also started sending Japanese language teachers to training schools outside Japan where technical intern trainees brush up Japanese before entering to Japan. Japanese teachers who belong to HRsD Asia Friendship Association ("Tomo-no-kai)" teach trainees not only the language but also life and culture of Japan in an easy-to-understand manner.

What we have learned from our long experience in educational activities is that the good relationship between people established through Japanese language education can play a major role in multicultural coexistence and mutual understanding of different worlds.

Other activities

HRsD Asia also engages in a variety of other activities to promote international exchange and mutual understanding in different cultures. Followings are our main activities;

1. Invitation of and coordination for delegations from Asian countries based on various projects.

2. Research and disclosure of information about the situation of workers, etc. in Asian countries.

3. Activities of HRsD Asia Friendship Association that provides a common place for everyone who wishes to support us.

History of HRsD Asia

In 1986, at the request of the All China Federation of Trade Unions, it was established as the Japan China Workers' Exchange Center with the cooperation of national trade union centers, welfare organizations, and economic organizations in Japan.

In 1988, the name was changed to the Japan China Skilled-Workers Exchange Center.

In 1989, the memorandum of agreement `On Sending and Inviting Japanese Language Teachers` was signed with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China and started full-fledged operations of sending Japanese language teachers to China.
The memorandum of agreement was signed with the China Worker’s Center for International Exchange of the All China Federation of Trade Unions to accept technical trainees from China.

In 1996, expansion of Chinese channels of sending organizations for Chinese technical trainees. The memorandum of agreement ‘On Sending Technical Trainees` was newly signed with the Vocational Skills Development and Exchange Center for the People’s Republic of China (currently the Center for International Exchanges) established by the Chinese Labor Department (currently the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China) .

In 2006, cooperation was strengthened with companies that accept technical trainees. With the aim to ensure compliance to related laws and regulations, a `Meeting of Companies Accepting Technical Trainees` was organized and has been held nationally every year to this day.

In 2010, the Technical Intern Training System started

In 2011, the Japan China Skilled-Workers Exchange Center (currently called as HRsD Asia) became the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation under the new public interest corporation law.

In 2012, a certification issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China was granted as an overseas training organization with `International Human Resources Exchange Service Organization Qualification`.

In 2013, in collaboration with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China, the 1st Business Manners Course was organized for students majoring in Japanese at a Chinese universities.

In 2014, expansion of countries where technical intern trainees were accepted. In addition to China and Vietnam, the trainees from Cambodia and the Philippines were newly accepted. The HRsD Asia Friendship Association (Tomo-no-kai) was established to strengthen cooperation among members and to support HRsD Asia’s activities.

In 2015, cooperation with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China was expanded. The 1st Workshop for Skill Improvement of Japanese Language Teacher was held in Jiangxi Province. The 1st Production Quality Control Workshop was also held in Zhejiang Province.

In 2016, HRsD Asia was awarded the Chinese Government Friendship Award for the second time.

As an event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment, a Japan-China joint symposiums were held in Beijing and Tokyo under the theme of "Let's Promote Japan-China Friendship in the Global World". On the same day of the Tokyo Symposium, a reception commemorating the 30th anniversary of its establishment was held.

With the global business development, the Foundation for Asian Human Resources Development (HRsD Asia) started to use as a common name.

The Japan-China Friendship and Cooperation Fund was established. The Fund aimed to promote and contribute to friendly exchanges among organizations of Japan and China.

In 2017, with the enforcement of the new Technical Intern Training Act, we obtained certification as a "general supervising organization" (commonly known as an excellent organization).

In 2019, HRsD Asia started sending Japanese language teachers to a training institute for Chinese technical intern trainees. A business manner course was organized for technical intern trainees at a Vietnamese sending organization.

The registered support works started for specified skilled workers.

In 2020, the global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection forced various international activities of HRsD Asia to be suspended and reduced. At the same time, HRsD Asia strengthened to protect Technical Intern Trainees and Specific Skilled Workers in Japan.

Local HRsD Asia
For inquiries, please contact your local HRsD Asia or training institutes.

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